About US

Risk Fluent’s aim is to make the working world a better place by Rebranding Safety, one interaction at a time.

Our technical and transformational partnerships, along with our award-winning app, Risk Assessor Pro, are based on a collaborative, people-centred approach that has impact on actual risk management.

We don’t do ‘health and safety gone mad’ or box-ticking, and we’re looking for partners who understand that looking after your people is an investment, and who are eager to learn from failing safely.

We offer both technical and transformational partnerships, where we will be your hands-on consultant, perfect for small to medium businesses that maybe can’t resource a full-time safety professional, but still care about their people.

We have experience in health, safety, and fire safety across multiple industries with various operations, from low to medium to high-risk.


To rebrand Safety into a value add part of operational excellence


Risk Fluent values practical value add solutions delivered via an authentic and transparent approach and people centred systems

  • We vocalise problems
  • We consider context
  • We are practical
  • We are honest and…
  • Let’s have a laugh whilst we do it

Rebranding Safety Podcast

Our campaign podcast and YouTube channel, Rebranding Safety , was born out of frustration with the current state and perception of the safety industry; safety should work for a business, not against it.

We have interviewed some of the world’s best safety thinkers, even a premiership winning rugby player! What we’ve learned through these conversations has placed us as thought leaders in the industry of health, safety and operational cultures, which means that the work we do with you will be at the forefront of modern practice. Our free content has been adding value to the industry for over 5 years world-wide, and we continue to explore the thoughts and opinions from the field of safety and business.

As a result of demand for services via the podcast, Risk Fluent was formed.

Come and meet the team…

James MacPherson

Managing Director

Sherry MacPherson

Operations Director

Peter Jenkins

Senior Partner

Risk Assessor Pro

On our mission towards Rebranding Safety, we’re also proud to able to offer our award-winning app, Risk Assessor Pro, helping businesses to digitalise their Risk Assessments, Method Statements, Incident Reports, Audits and Checks.

It goes hand in hand with the philosophy at Risk Fluent in that ‘safety’ should work with businesses, not against them, and the app helps to streamline Risk Assessment processes making them collaborative and accessible at all levels in the business.


James is the first Health and Safety person I have met that isn’t a complete loser Risk Fluent’s approach to safety and the general personalities of the team is a refreshing break from the stale, boring and over the top approach to safety we are used to seeing. They base everything they do on two simple philosophies; being risk-based and being people-centered. If you can take a risk-based approach to your business as a whole and put your people at the center of everything you do, not only will you nail safety, but you will have an awesome business.

Award Winning

  • SHP Most Influencial 21/22
  • Young Business Person of the year 2022
  • Product Innovation Award
  • SHP Most Influencial 21/22
  • Young Business Person of the year 2022
  • Product Innovation Award