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For any business, ensuring workplace safety is crucial in order to safeguard employees, maintain productivity and foster a culture of well-being. This is why we would recommend partnering with health and safety consultants who can offer invaluable expertise and resources, and apply their specialised knowledge in risk assessment, regulatory compliance and best practices. 

Risk Fluent is an award-winning health and safety company that specialises in helping businesses navigate workplace health and safety with confidence. Indeed, our tailored solutions enable organisations to assess, mitigate and manage risks effectively, ensuring compliance with the UK’s regulatory standards while optimising operational performance.

Our Services

Through our comprehensive range of services, our health and safety consultants are committed to supporting your safety and regulatory compliance needs.

Technical Support

Safety, Health, Environment and Quality

Our SHEQ technical support service helps organisations comply with the UK’s safety, health, environmental and quality standards. We provide expert guidance and support in developing and implementing robust SHEQ management systems tailored to your industry and operational requirements.

By implementing a holistic approach to managing health and safety risks, our consultants offer guidance on policy development, risk assessment and incident investigation. We also help our clients develop continuous improvement initiatives to ensure legal compliance and promote employee well-being.



We have interviewed some of the world’s best safety thinkers, even a premiership winning rugby player! What we’ve learned through these conversations has placed us as thought leaders in the industry of health, safety and operational cultures, which means that the work we do with you will be at the forefront of modern practice. Our free content has been adding value to the industry for over 5 years world-wide, and we continue to explore the thoughts and opinions from the field of safety and business.

As a result of demand for services via the podcast, Risk Fluent was formed.

Risk assessment


Our expert health and safety consultants can identify, evaluate and mitigate operational risks effectively. We conduct thorough risk assessments across various domains, providing actionable insights and recommendations to enhance risk management practices and decision-making processes.

Transformational Support

Workplace safety

Our workplace safety transformational support service focuses on fostering a culture of safety within businesses and organisations. We provide training, workshops and consultancy to promote safe working practices, risk awareness and employee engagement to help create a safer and more conducive work environment.

Fire Support

Fire Safety

We help organisations meet regulatory requirements and implement best practices to ensure fire prevention and emergency preparedness. We also offer expert advice on fire safety measures, evacuation procedures, fire detection systems and more, to minimise the risk of fire-related incidents.

Fire risk assessments

Our fire risk assessment service involves comprehensive evaluations of premises to identify fire hazards, assess risk levels and recommend appropriate control measures, all to PAS 79 standards. We help organisations develop tailored fire risk assessment reports, enabling them to prioritise mitigation protocols and maintain compliance with the UK’s fire safety regulations.

Fire risk audit/training

As one of the leading health and safety companies in the UK, Risk Fluent can provide businesses with the requisite tools and knowledge to manage fire risks effectively. We conduct audits to assess the effectiveness of existing fire safety measures and deliver customised training programmes to educate employees on fire prevention, evacuation procedures and emergency response protocols.

Want to Digitalise Your Risk Assessments?

We have invested in our own app – Risk Assessor Pro – which helps businesses expedite the process of producing high-quality documents and reports for:

  • Risk Assessments
  • Method Statements
  • Checklists and Audits
  • Incident Reporting

Who Is It For?

  • Trade and construction businesses that produce a lot of RAMS
  • Large businesses across multiple sites that need to manage a high volume of risk assessments

Working with a health and safety consultant such as Risk Fluent will enable you to leverage our knowledge, technology and expertise, which will benefit your business in a number of ways.

Reduce accidents and incidents

By implementing robust safety protocols and risk management strategies, you will significantly reduce the number of workplace accidents and incidents. This will protect your employees from harm and help you avoid disruptions (and the associated costs) to your operations.


Enhance employee well-being

Ensuring health and safety fosters a workplace culture of care and support. When the well-being of employees is being prioritised, they feel valued and empowered, resulting in higher productivity and retention rates.


Ensure legal compliance and reduce liabilities

Working with our health and safety consultants will help ensure you remain compliant with the relevant UK regulations and standards, reducing the risk of legal penalties, fines and lawsuits. By proactively addressing potential hazards and staying abreast of regulatory changes, you can mitigate liabilities and protect your reputation.

Improve your reputation

Demonstrating a commitment to health and safety will enhance the reputation of your organisation not only amongst your employees but also amongst customers, investors and the wider community. Having a strong reputation for safety and reliability will foster a sense of trust and loyalty, set you apart from the competition and enable you to attract top talent.

About Risk Fluent

At Risk Fluent, we are on a mission to revolutionise workplace safety through our innovative concept of Rebranding Safety. Our goal is to transform safety from a mere compliance task into a value-added component of operational excellence, one interaction at a time.

We believe in collaborative partnerships centred on people, not just ticking boxes. Our team is seeking partners who understand the importance of investing in the well-being of their workforce and who are eager to learn from failures to improve safety practices. With our technical and transformational partnerships, supported by our acclaimed Risk Assessor Pro app, we can offer hands-on consultancy to UK businesses of all sizes, particularly SMEs that lack the dedicated safety officers.

With the help of our health and safety consultants, we can redefine safety and create workplaces where everyone can thrive.

Why Choose Us?

If you are looking for health and safety consultants you can rely on, look no further than Risk Fluent.

Innovative approach

At Risk Fluent, we adopt an innovative approach to health and safety consultancy, as evidenced by our unique concept of Rebranding Safety. We are not just focused on compliance; we are dedicated to redefining the way organisations approach workplace safety.

Collaborative partnerships

Unlike traditional health and safety consultants, we prioritise collaborative partnerships centred on people. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and challenges, offering bespoke solutions prioritising employee well-being and organisational success.

Practical solutions

We believe in delivering practical, actionable solutions that address real-world challenges. Our consultancy services are not about generic advice or theoretical concepts. We offer hands-on guidance and support grounded in years of experience and expertise across various industries.

Cutting-edge technology

Leveraging our award-winning Risk Assessor Pro app, our health and safety consultants bring cutting-edge technology to the forefront of safety management. Our app streamlines risk assessment processes, enhances data analysis capabilities and facilitates seamless collaboration between stakeholders, empowering organisations to manage risks effectively.

Commitment to continuous improvement

Risk Fluent is committed to continuous improvement and learning, both for ourselves and our clients. We embrace a culture of openness, honesty and transparency, always seeking opportunities to learn and grow together.


James is the first Health and Safety person I have met that isn’t a complete loser Risk Fluent’s approach to safety and the general personalities of the team is a refreshing break from the stale, boring and over the top approach to safety we are used to seeing. They base everything they do on two simple philosophies; being risk-based and being people-centered. If you can take a risk-based approach to your business as a whole and put your people at the center of everything you do, not only will you nail safety, but you will have an awesome business.

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