Transformation Bundle!


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  • One deck of Context Cards
  • One deck of Convo Cards
  • One hard copy of How to Rebrand Safety Part 1 – The Risk Fluent Framework for Operational Success


This special bundle includes all 3 of our transformational products!

Our Context Cards are the perfect solution if you are struggling to learn from accident investigations. Each of the 54 cards has a different contributory factor to something having gone wrong. Use them in your incident investigations, learning teams, pre-mortems and workshops to discover the contributory factors to things going wrong in your workplace.

Our Leaders Convo Cards are great at assisting safety or management teams, and even members of the boardroom, to go out onto the shop floor and start conversations with the operational teams. Using our conversation prompts as a starting point, you can begin to understand Work as Done and learn from normal operations from those that are actually doing the job. Each deck has 31 stylish cards, each with a different question or prompt!

Part 1 of our series of ‘How to Rebrand Safety’ guides is now available! The first in a series of short guidebooks, this introduction explains why safety needs a rebrand, an overview of the Risk Fluent Framework for Operational Success and, why businesses need it and how it contributes towards the rebrand. With tangible exercises that you can take away and implement in your business, this introductory guide will set you in good stead for the coming episodes, driving a transformation of safety behaviours, safety culture and more.


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